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To date, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and The Lost and Damned have contained gang warfare side-missions, while Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories has integrated at least some of these features into its Empire Building side quest. Gang Warfare in GTA San Andreas. Empire Building. Gang warfare is a gameplay feature in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is available upon. Gang War is an instant actionscene creation toolkit. it alows you to define so much teams you want. This teams have Lists with Ped-Models and models and locations for spawning and for walking to. Instantly there will be created random peds with random weapons at the spawn locations and walk to there target position.

Did you hear about the Gang War script made by Kerosini? It's a basic script that spawns peds on 2 teams and they'll fight eachother. It's quite simple but it's enough to make some epic shootouts and combats. I usually use it to make videos about epic combats. Since the author made his script free for everyone who wants to. 6 Aug This was my own personal mod that I created for myself, but I've decided to release to the public, It's nothing more then a very simple relationships mod which anybody could create without any modding experience. You are free to do what ever you want with this mod, and Include it in your own mods to. Gang War - "Controller" by GeorgeZhang. Time, weather, gang member cost all affects your chance of winning in this death battle. And now with the ability to manipulate them, he he. ###NOTE###: Please make sure you installed every requirement of this mod and its requirements, before reporting error. This is a rip- off.

-fix for crash during wars in the new GTA version -enemies stuck inside cars should have less impact on enemy spawning during wars -fixes, especially for the AI in defensive mode -idle gang members sometimes do other stuff besides wandering -more weapons from the dlcs -when you press insert or the mod crashes.


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