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Hetaoni japanese version

Japan is, more or less, the main protagonist for the first part of HetaOni. He is the first character the player controls. He is described as "Master of Reading Moods" in the game. Japan is shown in the beginning of the game entering the haunted house with Prussia, Germany, and Italy (Veneziano). 11 Apr I've heard a lot of rumors going around that there IS an ending to the real HetaOni . And/or Pianodream has i. She merely made a playable English version for the fans to enjoy and play themselves. And did a very great job at Because of what happened in Japan at the time. She will not be continuing it. 10 May PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE PLAYING Hello, my name is AdminProductions, the English Editor for this project, this readme will not take very long, so please read the whole thing. What you are about to play is an accurate (somewhat) recreation of the Original Japanese HetaOni (ヘタ鬼) for English.

1 - 20 of 56 Works in HetaOni set after the events of HetaOni: Japan helps Italy overcome the lingering emotions of the ordeals of the mansion. "Then, that person – whoever – would .. The version on Wattpad is the original, posted a few years ago, this version has been edited and somewhat redone. Enjoy! Language. A playable English version can be found here. Hetaoni was put on hiatus/ discontinued in , due to the Japanese Tsunami. The creator, Tomoyoshi, lost all the data for her project and, despite its official status as "On Hiatus", many believe it is permanently discontinued, as the creator doesn't want to create it all again and. 4 Aug Japan version 2 (yeah double version for, nearly, everybody) Fanmade card Program used: My Pokè Anime: Axis Power Hetalia Fanmade RPG Game --& Hetaoni - Japan version 2.


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