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Ableton live set project

hi, on my desktop when i save a project, it automatically saves the als file and samples and whatever into a live project folder. on my laptop, it just makes an als file how do i change this? i just got the laptop, cant remember if i had to change something.. also, i cannot drag files from windows into Live audio. It has never been easier to create music than it is today. This however also includes the danger of accumulating an unorganized amount of files, samples, data, projects and live sets that can very quickly lead to chaos and a decreased computer performance. Here are a few aspects to consider in regards to file management. I just got Ableton Live Suite. I've been watching a few tutorials and read the manual. So far, the only thing I'm having problems getting my head around, is how Live deals with projects. So, there's Live Sets, Live Projects and something called Live Clips mentioned in the "Managing files and Sets" chapter in.

Current Project — all of the files that are contained in the currently active Project ( see ). If you're working on a Live Set that you haven't yet saved, the current Project refers to a temporary location. any folders from any of your hard drives that you've added to Live's Browser. Moving through the files in Live's browser can be. Oct 10, A Live Set in Ableton Live always needs to be enclosed in a Project folder which gets the same name as the initially saved Live Set. The reason is that Live only references audio files in the Live Set, but they're not actually saved in file, as this would make it huge rather quickly. So instead, the Project. Nov 8, Join Rick Schmunk for an in-depth discussion in this video Working with Live sets and projects, part of Ableton Live 9 Essential Training.

Sets and Projects. Most folks know that an Ableton Live file .als) is called a Set, but many seem foggy on what exactly a Project is and why they should care. There are two main reasons for the project folder: 1).als files do not contain the audio files they use. In other words, whether you record new audio or import samples.


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